Going on a Vacation Without Worrying about Your Already Anxious Dog

Dogs are like people, they are very social creatures and would rather spend their time with people. That is why most dogs suffer from separation anxiety when owners have to leave them behind. If your dog experiences this condition, going on a vacation and leaving him behind can be stressful for you and your dog. Good thing there are Brisbane pet sitter services available so your dog can have a change of scenery while you also get to have some fun on your own. More information brisbane pet sitter service

Going into a boarding kennel can be a stressful experience for any dogs, but it can even be worse for dogs with separation anxiety. Being isolated from you for such a long time might cause your dog some real anxiety and distress. However, there are a lot of ways so you can make it less complicated. If you have to leave your dogs behind for a week or two, leaving them in a pet kennel can be an extremely stressful experience. Boarding your dog to a pet resort or opting for Brisbane pet sitter services may help alleviate pet anxiety. However, looking for the right arrangement is important to ensure that your canines are in good hands.

Picking a Pet-Sitter or Boarding Facility

If you are looking for a boarding facility or pet sitter service Brisbane wide for your restless puppy, it is vital to find a setup that works for him. On the likelihood that your puppy is effortlessly upset by people or other canines, a pet sitter who goes to your home could be a good choice. A dog with separation anxiety could do best when you choose a pet sitter service in Brisbane who can constantly keep him company in your home until you return.

However, you also need to consider the sitter’s safety. Anxious dogs are typically defensive in their territory or home environment. That is why a boarding facility is also an advantage. You can select from various Brisbane pet sitter services who also offers boarding facility or pet resort as part of their package. Checkout at Acacia Ridge Pet Resort

  • Ensure the pet sitter’s home or the boarding facility is ideal and moderately quiet and calm (there can be some barking and excited especially during drop off and pickup times).
  • Check whether or not your dogs can get along with other canines (or felines, or even kids) he might interact with during his stay. You do not want your dog to be frightened but you also would not like him to bit a child or another dog just because he was anxious. Be sensible regarding your own dog’s behaviors.
  • Likewise, make sure the people taking care of your dog will keep an eye fixed out for signs of anxiety. You can suggest they spend some extra time with your dog to offer comfort and care while you are away.

Preparing for Vacation Separation

Many people wish to bring a blanket or bed from home for his or her dog while they’re away. However, there is a greater chance that the bed will get chewed on. It is best to use high-quality dog bed when leaving your dogs to a boarding facility together with your t-shirt with your smell on it so your dog will be more comfortable. It is important that you find pet sitter service in Brisbane that encourages exercise to help relieve your pet’s anxiety. Tired dogs no longer have the energy to be stressed out and that applies even to people. For more information, visit their website at: http://www.acaciaridgepetresort.com.au/pet-sitter-sitting-services-brisbane